Sparrows provide leading edge freight tracking solutions globally, 24/7.

What we do


Sparrows provide the technology to bring full visibility to your supply chain - to allow you to track and monitor the location, storage and movement of high value and perishable goods.

Through our cutting edge and versatile technology solutions, we reduce time you need to spend on inventory management and the costs associated with lost inventory.

Our solution is independent of suppliers and will reduce insurance costs through risk management and claims reduction.

Most importantly we give you back your time. The efficiencies our technology provide mean less time on the phone chasing suppliers, logistics companies and sifting through spreadsheets to let you focus on running your business - not being run by it.


Features Overview


The Sparrows

Our devices have been tested in extreme conditions, in vehicles and on assets. They are always up to date and transmitting. Sparrows unique design means the batteries do not need to be replaced for months and our devices are capable of transmitting from inside refrigerated trucks. Our network will update data on temperature and location consistently and frequently.

How does Sparrows work?


Attach trackers to your goods

Customisable checkpoint alerts will notify when shipments or assets are leaving and approaching destinations.


Set up safe thresholds

Set thresholds for acceptable ranges for your goods.


Get alerts if there is an issue

Dashboards will provide live information on the shipments location.



Alerts that generate action

Devices are attached directly to goods. If your goods have been stationary for too long or are travelling at incorrect temperatures, a notification will be sent and action can be taken to prevent waste.


Live tracking

Access Sparrows cloud based platform at any time to monitor and manage issues, location, temperature and shipment history. Sparrows makes it easier to find your cargo and get peace of mind that everything is in order.


Shipment history

Access to a user friendly history of each shipment. Review live and historical data through graphs. Compare temperature, stop duration and location.


 Dedicated Training & Support

You will have access to a user friendly history of each shipment, allowing you to easily follow the data through graphs and compare details of temperature against stop duration and location.

Leasing model

Choose a plan that is right for you

Sparrows operate on a leasing model, so we are responsible for the quality and maintenance of the devices. This affordable and flexible option allows you to lease it for the periods you need.

If you harvest and transport seasonal produce for part of the year then the Sparrows leasing model is perfect for you.

Or if you’re a year round user, there are volume discounts that apply for long-term use.

Our Story

Working previously as an Accountant, the founder of Sparrows was shocked by the sheer volume of stock waste and lost income suffered by their clients operating in logistics.

Sparrows was born out of a desire to not only reduce this wastage but to also provide innovative technology solutions that bring visibility across the supply chain.

Sparrows was founded in New Zealand and services clients across Australasia while providing solutions that have been implemented around the globe.


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