Sparrows provides live actionable alerts on location and temperature for modern logistics teams

Actionable insights for modern logistics teams

A lack of transparency in the trucking and freight industry in New Zealand and Australia has left a gap in the supply chain for many companies.

The outcome of this is hours spent locating time sensitive and high value goods such as stone and pip fruit. This causes loss of productivity, stock degradation or even total loss of these high value shipments.

At Sparrows we are solving these problems by creating transparency in a complex multi stakeholder system by providing actionable insights for our customers so they can better manage their supply chains and maintain strong relationships with their suppliers and clients.

This means less time wasted finding manual proof of delivery documents, sifting through emails or wrangling spreadsheets, and more time to focus on what matters most.


Sparrows tracks and monitors freight and assets for APAC's leading brands. We combine powerful software and robust hardware to give you visibility, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain. Our devices are attached directly to the shipment, not the vehicle, so when it suits you, you can access the location data on where your goods are and the temperature they are traveling at.

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Start tracking with Sparrows and get insights that reduce risks to your assets now.

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